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Class Descriptions


Suspension training that was developed for the US Navy SEALS!

The TRX system is an expertly designed workout that delivers a fast and incredibly effective total body workout. The concept of the TRX suspension system is really simple: you use your hands or feet to partially suspend your body with the cables and your own body weight as resistance. The areas you work and the level you work at are defined by you and where you position your body on the cables.

Anyone and everyone can become a TRX master! Although developed with the US Navy SEALS in mind, you don’t have to be GI Joe/Jane to use the TRX suspension system.  It is user friendly and user defined, so you can train at any level for any goal. Easily master exercises/movements that develop strength, tone and condition your body. 

Unlike popular seated/stationary resistance machines where your body is static, the TRX system ‘wakes up’ all your muscles groups and forces them to work harder to hold you in position.


  • Mobility
  • Core stability
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Durability
  • Flexibility

Whoever you are and whatever your goals, using the TRX suspension system will help you get there faster – and you will have fun along the way!

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