COVID-19 Response Plan | The Gym

We are thrilled to be able to open again from 5:00am Wednesday 8th September 2021. 

The below information outlines changes to how we will operate in Alert Level 2 in response to Delta COVID, meet public health measures and keep our members and team safe.

As with everything we do with our members and team, this is an ongoing relationship where everyone needs to play their part and support each other, as we are all in this together.

The below information is listed alphabetically for ease of use.  Any updates to our operations in Alert Level 2 will be updated here and noted at the top of the page. 

  • Changing Rooms
  • Cleaning and Sanitisation Processes and Protocols
  • Communication
  • Entry to the Club
  • Front of House
  • Hand Sanitiser vs Handwash
  • Group Fitness
  • Main Gym Floor
  • Member Requirements
  • Other Hygiene Practices
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Physical Distancing
  • Vaccinations
  • Membership Direct Debits 


Changing Rooms

  • Markings on the floor will direct the flow of movement in the changing areas.  As well as markings on the floor will mark where to stand in the changing areas and vanity areas to maintain physical distancing.
  • Every second shower will be out of use.
  • Saunas will not be available for use.


Cleaning and Sanitisation Processes and Protocols

  • Members are expected to use items from the Sanitation Stations throughout the club to wipe down equipment after use. 
  • We have reviewed our commercial cleaning schedule to make sure this is robust.  The club is cleaned by commercial cleaners 365 days per year.  As part of this review we have changed some of our cleaning products being used, to products that will kill viruses and/or have longer kill times for viruses.  Records are kept in case needed to be provided to government agencies.
  • Our team have an increased their cleaning schedule to further support our commercial cleaners with regular cleaning through the day.  Our team have undergone training on correct cleaning protocols and procedures to make sure their cleaning is as effective as possible.  Records are kept in case needed to be provided to government agencies.
  • For an extra layer of cleanliness our studios floors and equipment will be fogged with a cleaning product that kills viruses once per day and we will trial fogging the whole club Thursdays at 2pm.  Members in the club will be made aware of this at the time and asked to leave the club while we are fogging.



  • We ask members who are concerned with other members actions within the Club to direct these concerns to one of our team, so that we can deal with any situations arising, if needed.
  • Regular communication will go out to members and team with any changes to our response plan of COVID.
  • If we are informed by anyone in the club that they have COVID, do not feel well or should be self-isolating for any reason, they will be asked to leave the Club immediately and Management will immediately be notified.
  • If our club is connected to a probable or confirmed case of COVID we will contact health authorities immediately, who will direct the club in the next steps.  Members and the team will be notified in this event.


Entry to the Club

  • Masks will be required by everyone to enter the Club.
  • As we keep records of all entry to the Club members scanning the Government’s quick code on entry is not mandated, however it is strongly encouraged.  
  • No entry will be given to the following people:
  • Tested positive for COVID or COVID antibodies and has not had subsequent medical clearance to come out of isolation.
  • Currently has a fever or any other common symptoms of COVID.
  • Currently in quarantine or isolation by the New Zealand government.
  • Knowingly been recently (in the last 14 days) exposed to a person with COVID.
  • Members and the team will be required to swipe their membership tag             on EVERY and EXIT to the club, so that we are able to provide attendance records to government agencies if required.
  • If members or the team forget their entry tags they will need to see Reception to record their entry and gain entry or exit.
  • We will not allow casual visits during the first seven days of reopening to give us a chance to focus on our current members returning and make sure all our new policies and procedures are working well.  Additionally, casual visitors will require greater training than usual, as to their expected entry requirements under Alert Level two.
  • Once casual visitors are allowed back into the Club to exercise, their contact details will be digitally recorded.
  • Public wanting to tour the Club to look at joining will have their entry controlled by one our team during their time in the Club.  Their contact details will be recorded digitally.
  • Any other entry required to the Club, i.e. service contractors, will need to record their entry digitally and sign that they have understood our Contractor Entry Agreement Under Alert Level Two Agreement.


Front of House

  • There is a Compulsory Hand Sanitation Station once anyone comes through the gates at Reception.  Everyone MUST sanitise their hands EVERYTIME the walk past this station entering the club.  There is also a Compulsory Hand Sanitize Station at the inside of the Outside of Reception Hours Door for the same purpose.
  • Floor markings show physical distance to maintain from Reception, where to stand while waiting for entry and exit through our gates and doors and throughout our hallway to encourage physical distancing.
  • To minimise cash payments we are able to charge members account for anything needed.  Hand sanitiser is available at Reception for after cash or eftpos terminal use if needed.
  • Personlised programs can be done virtually for members who can not/do not wish to return to the club in Alert Level 2 and the exercise program can be sent digitally.
  • Team members behind Reception will use separate computers.  When they use any shared equipment; i.e. eftpos machine, till, they will wash or sanitise their hands.


Hand Sanitiser vs Handwashing

  • Properly washing hands with soap and water (singing Happy Birthday twice slowly will help everyone reach the recommended 20 seconds duration) is preferred, however use hand sanitiser when this is unavailable.


Group Fitness

  • Classes can be booked from 4pm Tuesday 7th September 2021.  Any bookings before this time are not guaranteed.
  • There are a number of changes to the group fitness timetable to allow 10 minutes after a class.  This is to allow time for cleaning of equipment and time between members leaving the studio after class and entering the studio for the next class to minimise crossover. 
  • We will be launching additional live and virtual classes that will enable members more options on when they attend the club, especially while we have limited attendance in classes.  Check our Group Fitness Timetable for this!
  • We ask member to not turn up extra early to their class.  Turning up five minutes early to a class that uses equipment and on-time to a class that does not use equipment to help maintain physical distancing around the club
  • All classes must be pre-booked using our app or by booking at Reception, as we need to limit attendance numbers to enable physical distancing and control entry and exiting of the studios and club.
  • For classes using equipment members are encouraged to wipe down before class equipment if they wish.
  • At the end of classes with equipment members are required to wipe down equipment before putting it away. 
  • Markings on the floor in our Group Fitness studio will direct 26 members where to stand during sessions and will be spaced at least 2 meters apart.  Our fabulous Group Fitness team are tweaking classes to reduce equipment use where possible and class formats allowing members to still get a great workout, while staying in their space.
  • Markings on the floor allow members to walk down the mirror side of the room to access free weights at the front of the room.  Steps and additional free weights are spaced out at the back of the room to encourage physical distancing.
  • HPA will be limited to 6 members attending.  Members will be spaced at 2 meters apart and will do the class predominately on spot without sharing equipment. 
  • RPM & Sprint class will be limited to 5 members attending.  Bikes will be spaced at least 2 meters.  Our Instructor will be behind a clear perspex screen or wearing a mask, to create a physical barrier while they face the class to teach.
  • There is a Compulsory Hand Sanitation Station at the entry of the Group Fitness Studio.  Everyone MUST sanitise their hands EVERYTIME the walk past this station entering and exiting the Group Fitness Studio or Female Only Suite. 
  • As door handles are a potential hotspot for viruses, hand sanitiser is available outside of the RPM studio door and in the studio for members who open and close the door.  Likewise, there is a hand sanitiser inside of the Female Only Suite doors with the Compulsory Hand Sanitisation Station outside of the doors.
  • Members will need to bring their own blanket or warm jumper to put on in mediations for BodyBalance, as we will need to temporarily remove our blankets provided for this use.
  • Members will need to bring their own boxing gloves for our Boxing class as we will need to temporarily remove them provided for use.  The class can be attended with no boxing gloves.
  • Keep On Your Feet classes will be suspended for the first week while we engage these members about returning to the Club.
  • Our floor in the main group fitness studio and HPA studio will be covered with a fog that kills viruses at least once every day.  However, we strongly recommend members bring a yoga mat or towel for all classes that they will be lying on the floor.  We are unable to provide yoga mats to share due to the porous material that they are made of.  We have yoga mats to purchase at Reception and towels for hire at Reception if members forget theirs.
  • Our team will be teaching all classes in our main studio from the stage.  We will be unable to floor coach during Alert Level Two.
  • Group Fitness team will sanitize the mic between classes, hand sanitizer will be kept at the stereo for this.


Main Gym Floor

  • There can be no spotting or touching to correct movement between trainers and members or member to member in Alert Level Two.  We ask members to not be offended if our team asks members to maintain this distance if they come to close together.
  • Additional hand sanitisers are installed around the free weights and rig areas.  Where it is impractical to wipe the entire surface of an item before and after each use (eg plate weights), then hands need to be sanitized before touching equipment in these Zones.
  • Gym mats, fabric resistance bands, foam rollers and the rope in the rig will be temporarily removed due to the porous material making them hard to keep clean.
  • To maintain physical distancing there will be a mix of spacing of equipment, moving of equipment, turning every second piece of equipment off and physical barriers being placed between equipment.
  • We ask members to remain 2 meters apart at all times.


Member Requirements

Our New Conditions of Entry in Alert Level Two:

  • Stay away from the Club when you do not meet our Entry Criteria.
  • Maintain physical distancing within the Club (2 meters).
  • Follow cleaning of equipment and hand sanitization protocols.
  • No sweat towel, no workout, period.  If you forget yours, sweat and shower towels are available at Reception for hire, otherwise you will be asked to leave the Club.
  • Follow good cough and sneeze etiquette into your elbow or clean tissues.  Clean your elbow frequently or dispose of tissues straight away in the bin.
  • Bring a drink bottle with you as water coolers will be unavailable or we have water to purchase from Reception.
  • Please note that failure to comply with the Club’s Alert Level Two protocols, including outside of Reception Hours, may see part of all of your access to the Club cancelled under the Terms and Conditions of your Membership Agreement, which may include charges.


Other Hygiene Practices

  • All of our team will be trained in basic COVID understanding; signs and symptoms, how the virus is spread and how the relates to the Club; mitigations the Club to keep everyone safe and how to manage their own safety.
  • Outside of Reception all the same requirements stated throughout this Plan are still required to be fulfilled.
  • We will limit team members on shifts to encourage physical distancing.
  • Water coolers will be unavailable.  We encourage members to bring a full water bottle from home, otherwise we have water and hydration drinks available for purchase at Reception.
  • Fans that circulate large amounts of air will be temporarily turned off.
  • Our air ventilation system meets current standards including fresh air turnover.  Additionally, it has the added benefit on not recycling any air and set up to only bring in fresh air from outside. 
  • We will individually manage members entry that are 70 years and older or members with underlying health issues.  We will need to talk to any of these members before they wish to return to the Club.
  • For Alert Level Two we will be offering additional hold options to members who need to self-isolate or have a genuine reason to stay away from the club in relation to COVID.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Masks are required to be worn at all times while anyone is moving around the Club.  When members start exercising they can remove their mask, then once they are finished they need to put their mask back on to move around the Club again.  Examples of this are wearing a mask into the Group Fitness Studio, getting your equipment needed and taking it to you marked spot.  Then taking off your mask to start exercising.  Once you have finished exercising putting your mask back on before you get items to clean your equipment down and leaving the studio.  Or if you are exercising in the main gym floor, wearing your mask into the Club.  Once you start exercising on the main gym floor you don’t need to wear your mask.  This includes moving between machines on the main gym floor or to get equipment or put it back on the main gym floor, unless you would like to wear your mask during this time.  Maintain two meters distance from everyone, using common sense during your workout.  Once you have finished exercising put your mask back to move around the Club again.
  • Face masks will be worn by our team at all times, apart when they are exercising.  Although our team are always welcome to use a mask while exercising. The general rule that our team use to determine if they should be wearing a mask while exercising is ‘Do as I say – wear a mask.  Do as I do – don’t wear a mask.’
  • For anyone medically unable to wear a mask, Management will require to see proof from a medical professional or official exception documentation before you come into the Club.
  • The Ministry of Health does not require gloves to be worn for normal activities.  We will however be providing gloves for our team to use as they feel they want to wear them.
  • For members, fingerless gloves reduce handwashing and sanitiser use but also allow the virus to potentially spread via fingers, so are the ‘worst of both worlds’.  Therefore, are not allowed at Alert Level Two.
  • Cloth gloves are allowed, how it is preferred not to be used, as they reduce handwashing and sanitation.  If they are used, they need to be washed after each use.
  • Light weight latex type gloves are preferred not to be used during exercise, as they can be easily damaged on equipment used in the Club.


Physical Distancing

  • Member to member and member to team interactions must maintain two meters apart at all times. 
  • Team to team interactions must remain one meter apart at all times.
  • People moving around the Club may have to come closer to others for a short period of time at different times, please use common sense in these instances.



  • The Gym Tauranga supports the Government’s message the everyone eligible should get vaccinated.
  • Being vaccinated is not a requirement of entering the Club. As such we will not be asking for vaccine proof from our members or team.


Membership Direct Debits

  • Membership direct debits will start again Wednesday 8th September unless we have been notified otherwise.

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