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RPM - the original hiit training?
8 March 2015
RPM - the original hiit training?

Recently the Fitness Industry has been set on fire with HIIT training. You can’t fail to notice that HIIT is everywhere – from HPA sessions with Danny and Lindsay to Grit Coaching Sessions with Carly, Lisa, Mandi and Ngawai. And there is a reason for that, HIIT training is quick, efficient and it gets results. However HIIT is not a new way to work out, in fact many top athletes have been training this way for a long time. There may be some new takes and new ideas on how to incorporate this type of training in your workout, but the fundamental idea is an old tried and tested method.

Which leads us nicely to RPM… RPM is HIIT training. Some may even say that RPM is one of the original HIIT systems.

Why? Well, if you are familiar with an RPM class you will know that throughout the class the instructor leads you through various intensities and resistances. For example there may be a track where you are pushing against huge resistance, eg: doing a long steep hill climb and just when your calves are feeling like they might explode, the tempo is changed and you switch to a short low resistance sprint. This is HIIT training! During the hill climb you will be working almost to your maximum, your legs will be aching, your heart will be pounding in your chest and then suddenly Active Recovery is in sight, in the form of the short low resistance sprint. RPM has been around for many years and is still one of the best forms of HIIT available.

Benefits of RPM

RPM is a great workout for any exerciser – whether you are new to The Gym or you have been here since we began, it makes no difference! RPM can and will challenge you, both mentally and physically!

  • Great Calorie Burn
    In any RPM class you can expect to burn up to 500 calories per ride! If weight loss/fat loss is your motivation then this is the class for you! You need to burn off around 3500 calories to burn 1lb of fat, so add 3 RPM classes to your weekly gym sessions and modify your diet to ensure you are eating clean and healthy and you will be able to watch the fat melt away! Also, after a vigorous class like RPM your body will use a lot of energy/calories to repair the large muscles of your legs. Your body will continue to burn extra calories to repair these muscles, not only during the workout but for 24-48 hours post workout! So you get that amazing calorie burn for longer! This is commonly referred to as the “metabolic high/effect”.
  • Original HIIT class
    RPM offers a continuous cardiovascular workout, with periods of high intensity, high resistance cycling – pushing you in and out of your anaerobic training zone, which makes your body pull on its reserves. This type of training works both the fast and slow twitch muscles resulting in long lean muscles and shapely legs. RPM increases your leg strength, but does not add bulk.
  • Endorphins Galore!
    You have heard of the notorious “Runners High”?  Well with RPM you get “RPM Euphoria”! Each RPM class triggers a release of those happy, mood altering, soul lifting neurotransmitters, known as ENDORPHINS! These are the guys that are responsible for creating the feeling of euphoria, making you feel amazing! And when you feel amazing you look amazing!
  • Increased Muscular Endurance
    Simply this means that your muscles will get better at performing a movement continuously over an extended period.  RPM sees you continuously pedaling against resistance allowing you to build up excellent muscular endurance in all the major leg muscles. When you strengthen these muscles you also help to strengthen all the bones, tendons and ligaments that surround them, which in turn makes performing daily tasks easier (functional training).
  • Low Impact Exercise
    RPM is a Low Impact but High Intensity workout, this means that (if performed correctly) there is minimal impact on the hips, knees or ankles. This is perfect if you are just returning to exercise after an injury or you have stiff/weak joints.
  • Easy class to follow
    RPM is an indoor cycling class, meaning that the entire class takes place on the bike, therefore there is no complicated dance moves to learn and no toes to step on. RPM is also perfect if you are new to exercise because you get the thrill of being part of a team environment, without having to be exposed as the ‘newbie’ doing all the wrong moves!
  • You are in control
    You are in COMPLETE control of your training and resistance level for the entire class. If you are new to RPM you can complete the entire class at a level that is comfortable to you, still get a great workout and there is no lagging behind, so you feel part of the team. This is a great way to build your confidence. If you are already an avid exerciser then you can crank up the resistance and push yourself beyond your comfort zone!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Butt on a Bike and come and join the ride! Classes are small and spaces are limited so please book your bike at reception ASAP!