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Class Descriptions


30-minute high-intensity interval training

The Les Mills Grit™ series will push you to your max, and beyond! A great combination of strength, power, plyometric and cardio circuits, all done with your coach right there on the floor beside you, motivating you and your team of fellow grit series addicts for the entire 30 min circuit!

This class is ideal for those of us with busy lifestyles! Take your fitness to another level in a short space of time! Walk in, work out, walk out with confidence, not to mention impressive results! These circuits work all major muscles groups leaving you tighter, leaner and fitter!


  • Rapidly improve strength.
  • Increase lean muscle.
  • Set new fitness goals – then smash them!
  • Put your metabolism into overdrive, burning calories for hours after the workout.
  • Forget hours of training – 30 minutes is all it takes.

The science behind Les Mills Grit™

There’s no disputing it, it’s scientifically proven that Les Mills Grit™ works. The hiit training effect means you burn calories for hours after the workout, increase aerobic fitness, unleash fast-twitch muscle fibers and grow lean muscle tissue, burning fat.

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