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Why join us? What do we offer that no other Gym can? You will find those answers here.

We like to move it, move it… If you like to move it too you will be interested to know that we have one of the biggest group fitness timetables in the Bay. The solid foundation of our timetable is the Les Mills Training Systems – commonly known as BodyCombat, BodyPump, BodyBalance etc. These are the most popular Group Fitness classes in the world and are created right here in NZ!

We complement the Les Mills classes with our own choreographed classes, created and run by our qualified Personal Trainers, including Boxing & TRX. These classes are perfect for people of all experience levels, whether you’re a beginner or are looking for a more advanced class, our team is trained to cater for a range of experience levels, enabling you to move at your own pace.

With over 30 class options per week we are guaranteed to have a class that will suit your fitness level. Not sure what to choose? Come and see one of our team to get some recommendations.

Our team is on deck before the crack of dawn, until late evening, during the week and during the busy part of the weekends. We are here because we want you to be able to maximize your output & return from your sessions, whenever you want those to be. Our Gym Instructors are available from open to close, their mission is to help you with your training, whether its advice on technique or just a spot, they are here to help.

Everything that you could ever possibly want or need for your workout. Whether you’re looking to increase your fitness level, tone, burn fat, build muscle etc; our extensive range of fitness equipment will help to reach your goals. Our cardio equipment is hi-tech but very easy to use, allowing you to control the levels of your workout and monitor your progress.

Whether your goal is weight loss or muscle gain, resistance training is useful and important for achieving your desired results. To help you with this, we have all the bells and whistles on site, with a vast number of weight machines and free weights that you can use to flex your arms and legs.

We have the equipment, but do you know what to do with it? Members who join for one month or more have access to a free, on-going personalised programme, with our first class Gym Instructors!

Working with our Gym Instructors is a real partnership. Your personalised programme will consist of; a medical check to ensure that you are good to go, followed by a consultation, where you can outline what your goals and ambitions are. Our Instructor will then write you a 100% custom made exercise programme just for, how good is that! There’s no generic pre-made programmes here! Additionally we can do an optional fitness test to get your current fitness level and body measurements. These will remain completely confidential and are a great way to mark and track your progress.

Your Gym Instructor will also do your programme with you for the first time, making sure you know how to use the equipment and helping you to choose the weights that match up perfectly with your customised programme. If you do forget anything just come and see one of us anytime.

You can book in to have your programme updated anytime when you feel ready.

Need extra motivation? Look no further than our fantastic Personal Trainers that are chomping at the bit to help you achieve your results faster. They have the skills, knowledge and expertise to motivate and encourage you to go that extra mile.

Personal Trainers help you to maximise your workout sessions, through encouragement and personally designed programmes. Get individual attention or train with friends and share the costs, as small group sessions are also available.

Want to come to a mixed gym to get all the awesome benefits that we offer like Les Mills classes and saunas, but not quite ready to weight train in the main gym space? No problem! Our Female Only Circuit Room has all the benefits of the main gym space; air conditioned, plasma TV, natural lighting and a great range of equipment. But no men!

We have strong focus on the whole family and we are lucky enough to share the same building as the Active Kids Early Childcare Centre.

Although Active Kids is a separate business to The Gym we have organized to have two special sessions per day 9am – 11am & 12pm – 2pm Monday to Friday for $9.00 per session for current The Gym members only. If you’re WINZ eligible it can be as little as $1.18 per session! This means you can drop your little ones (0 – 6 years) off, where you know they are safe and having fun while you have time to yourself.

All part of the package, we have a large number of free car parks in our own car park to the left of our building. Also outside 9am-4pm weekdays and all weekend parking is free all down 1st Ave.

Check It Out! Hit a plateau in your training and want to shock your body to reach new levels? Introducing our new High Performance Arena; your answer to true functional strength and conditioning training. Going back to basics, complete with unconventional gym training equipment, be ready for a major difference to your current training style.

Our separate male and female changing rooms are spacious and clean, oh and did we mention the high pressure showers and saunas! Our female changing room is equipped with a big vanity, hair dryers and hair straighteners for your convenience. Males make use of the space with a cold plunge pool to help muscle recovery; alternating between the hot of the sauna and cold of the plunge pool. Practically is the order of the day as both changing rooms are equipped with lockers for hire and also an ironing board. Leave your exercise session feeling great!

It’s getting hot in here! Make like a Swede and relax and rejuvenate in our separate male and female saunas. If it all gets too much, you can cool off in your very own plunge pool!

Is part of the reason you want to come to The Gym to meet people? We hold a number of client/team events during the year to help you put names to the faces of your fellow members; we really are a little community.

We know what your thinking, When can I start!?

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