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About us

About us

Members Code of Conduct


  • If you can’t put it down, don’t pick it up. Or ask for a spot.
  • If you can’t put it back, don’t move it.
  • If you sweat on it, wipe it down.
  • Not sure how to use it, ask our team!


  • Comfortable clothes that you would wear in front of your grandparents.
  • Toe covering shoes that aren’t gumboots or work boots.
  • Always wear deodorant.
  • Don’t forget your sweat towel.
  • Respect other members.
  • Behaviour that is offensive, aggressive or makes others feel uncomfortable will not be tolerated.


  • No Children allowed in the workout area.
  • Parking in our car park is 2 hours max per time & only for use while using the gym.

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